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Here's all you need to know about how we work with keyworkers. 

What areas we cover


We cover CB1, CB2, CB3, CB4, CB5, and CB21, CB22 for all of our work.

There is a Besom in Histon and this covers CB23, CB24 and CB25.

Outside of these areas, within half an hour drive of Cambridge, we will do what we can if we have availability.  If in doubt, email us!

Instructions for applications

1. Please check the postcode of your client and ONLY make an application to the Besom that covers that area. Do NOT send the details to both Besom projects, as this causes confusion.

2. If the postcode is not listed then Besom does not cover that area.

3. If you are looking for items for your client, please use email us in the first instance (

4. If you are hoping to refer your client for a possible project, we are sorry that we are closing our list until further notice as we have a backlog.

5. What is NOT needed: Background to the client’s situation and why they need the items.  No information about this is needed at all. Besom knows that the referrer has already assessed the need and accepts the referral.

Decorating and Gardening


As of May 2024, we are closing our list for referrals as we have a backlog.

Furniture and Packs


We handle furniture items, beds and white goods, Baby Bundle boxes, Starter Packs and Bedding Packs, all depending on availability.

The Referral process


Step 1 Referral

A professional will contact us using the forms on our website to inform us of someone who needs either decorating or gardening, furniture or other household items. 

Step 2 Visit

Initially we meet with the professional and the recipient to see what work needs to be completed, or sometimes what items are needed. We provide the paint and all the equipment to our teams (all our services are completely free to your clients).

Step 3 Organise

Next, we search through the list of groups from churches who have offered their time to match them up to the referral.

Step 4 Action

The group comes for a day, usually on a weekend, and carries out the work or our van team delivers the items as they become available.

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