The Besom in Cambridge 2018 - Regd. Charity Number 1139723

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"Showing love in a practical way"

Giving Time

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During the Week

We are based at a small warehouse in Barnwell, where we gather to give time to make it all happen.

There are many ways to give here from going out on the van to coordinating or assessing projects. Come and see us!


Are you a member of a local church? Does your group want to bless someone who really needs some help with decorating their home? Not only will you be of help, but you'll find the experience rewarding, too!

The first step is choosing a date on which your group would like to give.

Many of our clients have not been in a position to stay on top of their gardening and often have overgrown gardens.  They'd really appreciate your help to get things back into shape and it will be a great weight of worry off their minds.

There are so many opportunities in Cambridge to get alongside people and help them in practical and other ways. This also doesn't need a big group of people.  Just a pair can make a world of difference!

Contact us via email or phone and we can tell you more about what we do,
how you can get involved and line up a project for you. 01223 246438
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