Covid-19 / Coronavirus Precautions


Please find below the precautions which we are requiring all our time givers to adhere to when visiting, to collect or deliver food or essential furniture/items in the community, to keep everyone safe:

  • Prior to a visit, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use a hand sanitiser. Do this after you blow your nose, sneeze or cough, and after you eat or handle food. Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in a bin.

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands or the gloves.

  • If hands are cracked e.g. with eczema, repeatedly washing hands/using alcohol gel could be painful.  In this case you may wish to wear disposable gloves kept in the warehouse or purchase washable ones, eg Marigold, which can be named and kept for use when out and about. If a hole develops in a pair of gloves, please discard.

  • Disposable gloves need to be discarded or washed between each visit.

  • Please wash or discard gloves before driving. Alcohol gel to be kept in the van.

  • Clean, with a cloth and detergent or alcohol gel, frequently touched objects in the van such at the steering wheel, gear stick and door handles after use.

  • Avoid close contact with people - keep 2m apart at all times

  • Do not enter someone else’s home unless absolutely necessary and a prior arrangement has been made. Continue to keep at least a 2m distance from others and avoid touching any surfaces unnecessarily.

  • Wipe down all items received from others with detergent and a cloth or disinfectant before passing them on to others.

  • Advise those receiving items or shopping to discard unneeded plastic wrapping on receipt of items into their household grey bin before bringing the items into the house, and to wipe down, with disinfectant or water and detergent, any plastic/cardboard/metal which cannot be discarded.

In relation to furniture collections and/or deliveries, we now have ENHANCED protection in place:

  • When arranging an appointment to collect or deliver furniture, we will ask you to confirm that everyone in your household has been free of coronavirus symptoms for at least 7 days and that no-one is isolating. We will confirm the same for ourselves.

  • We will contact you the day before your appointment to confirm the health status of your and of our household. We will also ask this as we arrive.

  • Please ventilate the room where we’ll be working with open windows ahead of our visit where possible.

  • We will carry out a specific Covid-19 risk assessment at each property; if it is not safe to complete the appointment, we won't do so and will arrange for it to be rebooked in the future.

  • Or, if it is not possible to safely enter the property, with the householder's permission and in fine weather, we may agree to leave the items outside the household.

  • If it is safe to do so, we will enter your property wearing a face covering and clean gloves. These will remain on for the duration of the visit.

  • For health and safety, we will observe recommended social distancing of at least 2m.  We would ask one adult only to give us instructions for the delivery/removal while all the other members of the household, including children, remain in another room or the garden during our visit. 

  • Finally, outside your property, we will remove gloves and apply hand sanitiser. 

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