All of our operations are changed.

 Our opening hours are not regular or consistent at the moment

Important Information re: COVID-19. Please note, currently:

  • We are only carrying out essential/urgent deliveries of household goods, baby bundles and shopping deliveries.

  • We are only currently collecting any items that can be left on a doorstep.

  • We are not facilitating any face-to-face time giving projects.

  • We are still taking critically needed household goods and baby bundles referrals from care professionals and key workers.

Thank you for your patience in this unprecedented time. Even during such uncertain circumstances, we remain committed to our vision and purpose:helping the church in Cambridge to pray for, care for, support and give to those in need in our city.  We are are still serving but we are operating a reduced service.Some of the ‘usual’ ways people give through the Besom in Cambridge are not possible in the current situation.

However, there are still ways to give.We are passionate about prayer. We will endeavour to serve the church in Cambridge by encouraging and equipping the church to pray to our Heavenly Father. We continue to pray that Christians in Cambridge will be led by God to give financially to those who are vulnerable and in need.

If you wish to give then you can do so by using this link.

We remain committed to helping people give financially and to ensuring financial gifts are used specifically and effectively.  We believe God is a creative God and we pray that Christians in Cambridge continue to be led by Him about how they can give their time to others, in these challenging circumstances. Working within the current constraints, we are committed to helping Christians who want to give their time to those in need.


Please see the Covid-19 Precautions page to see what measures we are taking to protect from Coronavirus.

Thank you for your ongoing support and for giving through the Besom in Cambridge.

I want to give

Click here if you would like to give time, money or goods.

I would like some help

Please ask your social worker or keyworker for help accessing our services.

I am a keyworker

If you are a keyworker then there is a process to follow to help your clients. 

The Besom helps people make a difference. It provides a bridge between those who want to give time, money, things or skills and those who are in need. It ensures what is given is used effectively. The service it provides is free.  
Email us at to find out more.